Colts Neck Pharmacy understands that every patient has different medical needs to achieve a greater quality of life. Therefore, we offer custom compound medications to fit the needs of the patient.
History of Compounding
Before the mass production became the norm, pharmacists routinely compounded medications. Ancient civilizations used various oils and other components extracted from plants and animals to treat illnesses as antidotes. 

What is compounding?
Compounding is an art of creating a particular pharmaceutical product to fit unique needs of a patient.Doctors prescribe individually compounded medication for patients with unusual needs. i.e. Patients that required different dosages or forms of medication than what is commercially available, patients who require medications that have been discontinued by pharmaceutical manufactures due to low profitability, or for veterinary use. 


What do we compound?
At Colts Neck Pharmacy we compound many different types of medications for patients.  This includes, but not limited to, topical creams and ointments, lollipops, capsules, suppositories, effervescent, and many more. 

Why choose Colts Neck Pharmacy for compounding?
The pharmacists at Colts Neck Pharmacy have had additional training and the knowledge required for compounding medications.  Additionally, we are proud members of the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP) and Pharmacy Compounding Centers of America (PCCA), which gives us access to thousands of tried and proven compounds. 

How can I find out about what medication that can be compounded for me or how I can get my doctor to prescribe a compounded medication?
Feel free to call us and discuss what options may be available for you.  After discussing we can initiate a request for a compounded medication to your current doctor or refer you to a doctor that specializes in your needs.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Colts Neck Pharmacy is a licensed compounding pharmacy that only engages in compounding in response to a doctor's prescription, and the information contained on this site is general in nature and is intended for use as an educational aid. You should consult your doctor about diagnosis and if you are a candidate for any compound medications. If you have any questions you can contact us at 732-780-5480.  

All information provided on this site is for educational purposes only. Every effort has been made to provide accurate, up-to-date information. It is not intended to be used as medical advice for the diagnosis of individual health problems nor does it review all possible uses, actions, safety measures, side effects, or interactions. Please consult your healthcare provider for the diagnosis and treatment of any health conditions.

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